Rider Information

Basic steps for this year will be

Riders are currently being asked what area they are in, how far they are willing to ride and if they can ride day or night. Contact us via our website or facebook to take part in the relay.

This information is collected and be pinpointed on a UK map. A route between the points will then be generated for all riders to take part.

The more members willing to ride, the further the relay will go.

A lot of work like route planning goes on behind the scenes and does take a lot of time and work so please be patient.

If you put your name down and don't hear anything or see your name on the route plan (when pulished) then please message us again.We want everybody involved, we don't want to miss anybody out by not seeing a post.

A fundraising page has been set up all riders must use this, we raise sponsorship as one group.

There is a riding fee of £5 per rider we will ask riders to pay this into the fundraising page to go direct to the chosen charity. We will ask for this to confirm your route, at some point in the future and have a deadline of 7 days before the start of the relay ride.

(dates haven't been set but you will have plenty of notice)

The carriers of the bear have to be 125cc engine (for the world record) but any bikes can support ride and join in, we had 2 vans and car on our part of route last year, once we are at the meet points and on the road we are all together as one.

On the routes we always have at least one support rider with every carrier. These bikes can be any size, so if your bikes bigger than a 125cc you can put yourself down for support riding in your area. Last year many riders carried on past their drop off point and rode along side the next carrier as support. You can start and finish anywhere on the route as long as you are at your hand over point at the time you are allocated. *If you have a route planned and something happens and where you can't ride, we ask that you let us know as soon as you do. This way we will be able to find a replacement/alter the route, and the relay will be still able to go ahead.

Please check back for regular updates.

Thanks to Jacki Kennedy for all your input and questions about relay riders 125, which helped me put this together.

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