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The role of a Support Rider is very important because you will be relied upon to step in and carry the bear if the official bear carrier is unable to do so.


How to register as an official SUPPORT RIDER for the RRUK National Motorcycle Relay.

1. Follow the link below and donate a minimum £10 to the nominated charity. Please make sure you DO NOT make it anonymously; we need to be able to see your name and the amount you donate. 



2. When you have donated you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal with your Transaction ID number in it. When you have received your Transaction ID number, please follow the next instruction (No3).


3. ONCE YOU HAVE DONATED, please click the button below to fill out the registration form. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST DONATE A MINIMUM £10 TO THE CHARITY first



We look forward to seeing you on the relay!


The information that you provide us with will be used to help us plan the route of the relay and to allow us to contact you to keep you informed and to allow us to provide you with support. We DO NOT use your personal data for marketing purposes and we DO NOT share your personal data with any third party companies.

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