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U.K RELAY 2018

Relay Riders UK main event will take part between 8th July and 22nd July 2018


We will be riding for the charity U.K.A.M.B.


We look forward to as many of you as possible joining us and making this year another a great one.

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• A mascot (usually a cuddly toy) will be carried by volunteer motorcycle riders in order to raise funds for our nominated charity. 

• The mascot is transferred from rider to rider at set handover points around the UK on a pre-set route.

• The relay is non-stop, so different legs of the journey will take place during the day and night until the mascot completes the final leg of the relay.

• In order to carry the mascot (& therefore guarantee that the relay will travel through your local area) you must register as a Relay Rider & pay a £5 riders fee as a donation to our nominated charity. To do this, please visit our sign up page.

• All routes are 125cc friendly.

• Wherever possible it is our policy to ensure that all Relay Riders have support riders with them on their leg of the journey to ensure everyone's safety and as a back-up if the allocated carrier is unable to ride on the day for whatever reason.

• If you have agreed to take on a leg of the journey and are unable to do it PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP so we can sort something out - this applies to both mascot carriers and support riders.

• At each handover point you will fill out the paperwork that accompanies the mascot, take a few photos and (most importantly) let a member of the Admin team know that you have arrived so that we can keep everyone up-to-date on the mascot's progress and adjust other riders handover times if necessary. 

If you have ANY questions, don't hesitate to ask!!!


Relay Riders UK

So who are U.K.A.M.B.?

Click the link below to be redirect to their website to get an in depth explanation of who they are and what they do.