Here at Relay Riders Uk we have formed a great relationship with Bridgnorth Bikers, they were foundered in 2008 by Stewart Boggild, known by most as ‘Bluey’.

We first met the group back in May 2017 when Tom hosted a Photoshoot in Wolverhampton, this event was supported by Bridgnorth Bikers and has since seen a special relationship grow between the two organisations, were each group has supported each other's events. Bridgnorth Bikers have given us great support in photoshoots and also by completed legs in the 2017 Relay for ’Soldiers Off The Street’, when the relay hit the west midlands. it was an honour to have some of them also join us at the final were one of their admins (Chelsea) did some fantastic photography for us.
We at Relay Riders Uk look forward to continuing to see the connection between the two groups grow and plan to help them out with many of their future charity and non charity events.
Although they are based in the west midlands, they really deserve support from afar. The work this group does is second to none! With admins from RRUK (Tom, Jason and Dean) all living in the local area, you will be seeing photos from their events over the coming months.


Chelseasky Photography

We met Chelsea through Bridgnorth bikers, she is an admin there, but also is a fantastic Photographer, she has taken part in a few of the photoshoots we have held and her photos are top level, she would be first on the list for me to call if I needed a photographer for an event, bike related or not. As with the rest of the bridgnorth lot she is a delight to be around and very friendly. Go check her page out and give her a like, she deserve it.

Chelsea also took part in serval legs of this years (2017) Relay and did the photography for the final leg. Between herself taking the Photos and Bluey managing to get her ahead of the ride at serval intervals to take even more, they did an amazing job.

I personally look forward to working along side chelseasky photography at future events and always happy for her to shoot alone side myself at photoshoots.